Not Punk Rock

by Lila Ignite

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Teyana Joy Kent
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Teyana Joy Kent This band is incredible in all the right ways. They have great sound, great lyrics and great personality. I believe in this band, and hope I'll be able to tour with them sometime. Favorite track: Enjoy The Weather.
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released October 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Lila Ignite Binghamton, New York

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Track Name: Memento
We're picking up right where we left off
Yeah, we're back at it again
Proved we can stand on our own two feet
Without falling short in the end

Wearing my heart on my sleeve
Cuts and bruises are my memento
If life is what we make of it
Then I'll dictate the tempo
Track Name: Sinking Deeper
I need to get a grip
I'm falling down
I think I'm losing it
My heart beats loud
Cornered like the prey
Back against the wall
Should I play it safe
Or should I fall?

I know what I want
Is this what I need?
The pool looks shallow
Or is it empty?
I toss all my fears
And I dive in head first
Into the unknown
I'm sinking deeper
Track Name: Better Than This
If nobody is worth your spit
If every girl's a 'stupid bitch'
Just a fuck and then you split
Well label me the hypocrite
'Cause I won't stand for contention
No I won't stand for mediocrity

'Cause if you wanna be a man
Then lose the attitude
It's falling through your hands
Your fingers come unglued

Woah-oh-oh I'm better than this
Woah-oh-oh I'm better than this
Mediocrity as far as I can see
A sick and twisted plague
But you won't take this from me

'Cause if you wanna be a man
Then lose the attitude
It's falling through your hands
Your fingers come unglued
Look into the mirror
And put yourself together
Throw away your fears
I know you can do better

Get in my car and drive
I need the isolation
No maps, no GPS
I've got no destination
And as I drive, I leave behind
The lipstick covered napkins
Throw away the pity sex
Forget it ever happened
Track Name: Not Punk Rock
Tell me how I'm not punk rock
I wasn't brought up in gutters
But one look in my mind
Has you frightened with all the clutter
Like an attic of nightmares
No windows or shutters
A collection of insults I have ever been muttered

When you say my name
Does it leave your tongue with a bitter taste?
Take this to your grave
Listen to me now and what I have to say

All these fake macho dudes with appearances lost
So concerned with ice
I think that you need to defrost
And now you're dissing on swag like it's not your disease
Six years ago, you were covered in 'steez'
You're a hypocrite
And you know it

You don't give a fuck so why keep pretending
Your music's so deep and words are so edgy?
You claim to be sad; you're pathetic at best
You're fading away with the rest of your fucking friends
Track Name: Bittersweet
What we had was never fake
But wishful thinking doesn't always fall in place
Whispered words wither away
Just like your breath on those cold winter days

You're moving on and I can't say that I blame you
Distance plagues us in many ways
He gives you what I never could
Your smile now feels bittersweet
Like I knew it would

So carry on and worry not
For my promises will never be forgot
Track Name: Enjoy The Weather
Every May I feel I've been let down
I'm looking for a girl who wants to hang around
It feels I'm searching but my eyes are closed
My friends all tell me I should let this go

You know you shouldn't try
But if you fall asleep
You'll let life pass you by

So start enjoying the weather
I promise things will get better
The sun's always brightest after every thunderstorm
Build up the courage to get her
Explain it all in a letter
And I'll do my best to show you if you let me in
If you let me in
I'll do my best to show you if you let me

Oh, five-seven-oh
I can't let you go
You've been in my head every night I go to sleep
So try this instead
Sleeping in my bed
And we can turn these dreams into reality
Track Name: When It Rains, It Pours
The rain keeps falling
Crashing down so hard
Starting to suffocate
Pressure's appalling
No matter how I try
I can never get away

Now everything is wrong
Yeah, everything is wrong
Will someone help me?
Get me through this nightmare

Losing my faith
Anxiety is granted
Now I'm stuck in this rut
And I can't fucking stand it

Never fitting it
Too much or not enough
Sleep deprivation
I can't even sleep or eat or even fucking breathe

Is this all a dream?
Eternal sleep for me
Will someone wake me up?
Wake me up

Losing my faith
Anxiety is granted
Now I'm stuck in this rut
And I can't fucking stand it
'Cause when it rains
It never seems to end
Hold on to hope
That the sun will rise again

The clouds, they roll right in
And I can't shake this depression
Please lend me your hands
And lift me up again
Track Name: Floating
Address this mess
Not running away from the problem
Forgive, forget
So filled with bliss, I can breathe again

'Cause I've spent so many nights
Laying restless in my bed
Longing to fall asleep
But staying wide awake instead

Half full, half gone
Either way, I was drowning
Water filled my lungs
And the clutter flooded my head
So I emptied the glass of the pessimist
Laid my arms and issues to rest

'Cause I've felt neglected
Let all my values implode
Feels like the weight of the world

I'm so damn scared I'll lose my grip again
I'm sick of living full of doubt
Floating through space
Tell myself 'I'm not afraid'
Of letting go and leaving ground
I'm leaving ground

I'm sick of losing grip
I'm sick of feeling doubt
I'm sick of being afraid to let my feet off of the ground
I'm sick of this fatigue
And I'm sick of wearing thin
I'm taking back control
It's time to let my life begin
Track Name: Where I Belong
I feel I've known this all along
I'm not quite right
I'm not quite wrong
I'm not quite wrong

Unbalanced scales never calibrate
Breaking my bones; holding too much weight
And trying to keep my mind straight
But you don't care
Yeah, you don't mind

It's hard to feel like I belong
If I found the words would you sing along?
So sing along


You don't care
You don't mind
You don't care
You don't mind

I feel I've known this all along
I'm not quite right, I'm not quite wrong
I'm where I belong
Track Name: Flaws And Fears
And if I'm being honest
I'm horrified to fail
And scared to death of falling
Obsessing over damage that isn't even there
The nails to my coffin

That I have made for myself
At the bottom of this grave I have dug
Let this cemetery be the home for you and I
Where all our flaws and fears go to die

I've gotta let this go
I've gotta let this go
Track Name: Red
Your red hair
My lack of spine
If you don't have a soul, I'd let you borrow mine
The way you stared at me
In the ICU
And how you look away when I stare back at you

I know that I fall too fast
And that bliss never seems to last

Nothing seems to work out anymore
I'm falling down from what I'm standing for

And it's really bazaar how my mother once said
"Ty, you'll find a girl when you least expect"
But who could expect tired eyes to connect
We live to convince ourselves we're not already dead
And maybe the saying is true
That we look to the stars to reveal the rhetorical truth
Who knows? It could all be a lie
But you won't find out if you never try

Do all of these constellations truly mean anything
I'll keep staring at the stars
Appreciating the peace they bring

Nothing seems to work out anymore
I'm falling down from what I'm standing for

Give me a reason to believe
That maybe something's meant to be
And maybe it's not out of reach
If I can sleep then I can dream
Track Name: I'll Be Alright
Past mistakes I can't get over
Brick by brick I'm getting closer
I'll be alright

And I don't want to see your arm around someone else
Knowing that I can't get through this by myself

I'm just a stupid kid who could never catch a break
Tripping over my own feet
And repeating my mistakes
Is my destiny to lose
To not get a second chance
Well I'd never let it slip away if it fell into my hands

'Cause I don't want to see your arm around someone else
Knowing that I can't get through this by myself
Chasing constellations all night in your eyes
I just want to watch the sun rise by your side
And I'll be alright
Track Name: Escape This Life
I used to bite my lip until it bled
To try to drain the monster I create inside my head
Eating my heart and swallowing my soul
I slice the head off of the beast and watch three others grow

So tell me
Can I escape this life?
I can't do this anymore
Can I escape this life?
Sandman's knocking at my door
Can I escape this life?
On life support, just pull the cord
Can I escape this life?
I'm on life support, just pull the cord

Truth be told
I'm unstable beyond my own control
It's getting old
Burning bridges 'cause I'm sick of paying tolls

Crawl inside your fragile mind
You can't destroy the webs this time
Paralyze your crooked spine
Hands on the wheel, my time to drive
See I know how this goes
I know the routine
I dissolve with the wreck
You walk away clean
But not this time
I'm walking out of this alive
Track Name: Meaningless
Take a look around
What do you see?
There's nothing in this town that appeals to me
We drink away our problems
And eat away our boredom's
We can't find solutions or better yet, afford 'em

And I'm letting go of habits
Because I have fucking had it

'Cause I can't feel the guilt of living paycheck to paycheck
The money's gone before we even get it
Preconceived ideas of who I'm supposed to be
And all of them are meaningless to me

And I am not like you
And I have stopped trying
To earn approval
Just stop fucking lying

You owe this to yourself
Yeah, you owe this to yourselves

The darkness soon fades
But not in good ways
I have yet to rest my eyes
I'm counting sheep
I can't fall asleep
The story of my occupied mind
Track Name: The Existentialist
There's a man at the gate asking for my papers
Implication of death; having such bitter flavor
Though I toss and turn
Thought I claw and bite
I can't pry myself away
Lets watch the buildings fall
Because we're gone tonight
Can I be saved?

What's another sleepless night?
I haven't left my house in days
Let me know I'll be alright
Your voice is the remedy that soothes my soul and takes the pain away

But do you exist?
The existentialist
Deterministic of the life we live
Are you my bride to be?
The figure in my dreams
Comforting me life a blanket of stars

When the time has come to show what I have done
The picture on paper
The drawing illustrates
The world will indicate you were my savior
Falling like a star
Cast light from afar
Illuminating my darkened heart
There's nothing left to lose but see the world with you
My heart is in your hands

What's another sleepless night?
(Wake up and see the light)
I haven't left my house in days
(You're safe, don't be afraid)
Let me know I'll be alright
(We'll make it through the night)
Your voice is the remedy that soothes my soul and takes the pain away
Track Name: All You've Got
What are you looking for?
Why are you full of fear?
When past is all you have, I promise you I won't be here
You had to say goodbye
Well I'm the one that left
You'll be stuck in this town
I'm never coming back

You look so alive
But your looks, they all deceive
Just live your nightmare
And I'll just live my dreams

You had to feel the warmth of cheap ass alcohol
But you forgot about it 'cause you fucking drank it all
Well this is what you want
At least that's what you thought
You better keep your cup
It's all you fucking got
Track Name: Irreplaceable
When you hurt, I hurt too
And when you break, I fall apart with you
The world lay smashed in pieces on the floor
No time wasted, I just wish that there was more

And I don't know why that you had to go
An emptiness no one should have to know

I wander around but got no place to go
Without you here, I can't find my way back home

And I don't know why that you had to go
An emptiness no one should have to know
I hear your voice and forever keep it close
The time we shared is irreplaceable
You're irreplaceable
Track Name: Apologies (Waiting)
Apologies from me for being selfish
We'll prove the wise men wrong like Priscilla and Elvis

And if you'd please to select me
Well I'll be right here waiting

Apologies from me
I apologize too much
For things I can't control like my clammy hands and such

If you don't mind the awkward kind
Well I'll be right here waiting

I want to steal your warmth when the weather's colder
The seasons change so quick like how I'm bipolar

If you don't fear to still stay here
Well I'll be right here waiting

I'm sorry yet again but you could steal my heart
I'll tattoo you on my arm so we'll never be apart

If you decide to stay the night
Well I'll be right here waiting
Track Name: I'm Not Afraid
For the first time in my life, I have my shit together
Put an end to sleepless nights
I feel I'm getting better
Pressure always sticks around
I'm learning how to deal
Down the drain with medication
Never felt this real

The world is not heavy enough to crush me underneath

'Cause I'm not afraid
I'm not afraid to live
You only get out however much you give

Hidden faces in the dark
Too scared to see the light
View the world not cold and grey
But beautiful and bright

I'm proud of myself
Proud of the person in the mirror
It took twenty-one long years

Hold your head up high
With the stars in the night sky
Know exactly what it means to feel alive
Track Name: Connected Through Space
When these words grow loud enough to hear
They'll find a way to meet your ear
And I'll pour my innards out
And float away from doubt
Detach myself from all my flaws and fears

I know that this is real
I know that this is real
And I won't let it go

Astronomers conclude
The galaxy inside of you
Contains the stars and planets I was missing
Intergalactic space has kept us both away
My dark matter doesn't matter anymore

I know that this is real
If you know that this is real
Promise you won't let it go
I know that this is real
I know that this is real
I'll give you all that's left of me

The stars, they all align
Through both, your soul and mine
I'm falling in place
Two hearts united
A love requited
Connected through space